Mantis Deck Clip

Get into the Groove with Mantis


The Mantis deck clip is a simple to use fastening system that gives a clean, flawless deck that is easy to install. It leaves no visible fasteners on your deck surface, and is the perfect choice for grooved deck boards. Just slide the Mantis Clip into the deck board groove and fasten to the joist. It’s that simple.

Why Mantis?

  • - No exposed screws – Mantis provides a clean flawless deck surface
  • - Automatically spaces deck boards to manufacturers suggested gap requirements – your deck is spaced correctly right from the beginning, saving you labor time and money
  • - Mantis Clip attaches from the top- unlike other hidden fasteners, no need to crawl underneath your deck frame on your hands and knees to install Mantis clip.
  • - Installation is quick and easy –again, saving you time and labor costs
  • - Exclusive ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ clips

Installation is a snap with Mantis

Install it quickly… enjoy it forever

You can’t enjoy your deck, until you install your deck. Every Premium Composites deck board has a factory installed ‘groove’ on each side, which substantially decreases your time and labor at installation. Even better? Our Mantis Clip automatically provides proper gapping, no measuring necessary!

In the beginning, and at the end.

It’s the exclusive Mantis Start and End clips that make Mantis installation a snap. The patented duo allows for quick and accurate board placement, literally from start to finish!

See for yourself!

Mantis Deck Clip Install (.pdf)

Backed Up by a 30-Year Warranty.

The Mantis Warranty is like Mantis installation, quick and simple. The Mantis Clip will hold your deck firmly in place and is backed by a thirty (30) year warranty.

Warranty (.pdf)